Hohoho , little northeast swell heading our way this weekend ! Check Tulin or Esterillos Oeste thru to Bejuco on this one for sure . Weathers bad a— this time of year and we are getting busy , new shortboards arrived this week along with some nice new Ecoboard project certified boards by Aloha and McCoy ( yep hit some of them retro rockets) . Come on Merry Christmas , Pura Vida . Chuck and the Crew at WOW Surf !

Well , the crazy nice weather we’ve had here in Jaco is at its end for a few days , looks like a tropical storm in the caribe to me and that means mountain rains and some flooding in our area . Surf will have spectacular moments with the big tides this next few days but you need a locals knowledge to get it good ! Its 2-4 ft right now with a side shore wind but that wind will switch too , it was straight offshore an hour ago ! Careful on the highways for landslides ! Thanks and see ya soon ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF

NSP Surfboards Launches a New Era of Shapes and Sustainable Boards!
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2018 signals the start of a new era. Working closely with key partners and a couple of Australia’s most respected designers and shapers, NSP’s surfboard shapes have been completely overhauled.  

NSP’s most popular range continues to be the Elements HDT (High Definition Technology) collection. Built using new high definition manufacturing technologies, there are 20 different boards to choose from, with new graphics and fin box configurations.

NSP Elements HDT boards are built using secure Cell EPS, bio resins and feature the Sustainable Surf Project logo. The Elements HDT Funboards, Fish and Hybrids feature 5 fin boxes, allowing riders to tune their board to suit the conditions and their style.  

The longboards offer versatile performance, will catch more waves and are great for swooping bottom turns, high trim lines and knee drop cut backs.

The funboards feature concave bottoms, semi rounded noses and a low entry rocker delivering a perfect package for the weekend warrior. Our Modern fish designs deliver traction, down the line speed and maximum drive that unleashes potential from every wave and keeps even the most advanced surfers coming back for more. Our Hybrid design is our quiver killer, ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers seeking one of the most versatile and user friendly short boards on the market.

NSP continues to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo, since 2001. NSP is the New Surf Project, get ready or 2018!

Smallish 2/3 ft faces with a bit of wind on it today , forecast says surf for the weekend though and the weather is beautiful here ! Sunny and only an occasional afternoon rain not even close to every day ! Crazy for September but Ill take it ! Shop has its clearance going now 30% off everything in the shop except Hayden Shapes and FCS and Futures fins . but everything else is ON SALE , Tax man is on his way ! Gotta get some money !Separate note / our prayers go out to all whom are in the path of IRMA !!!!!

BIG Deals! BIG Savings!

Excludes already clearanced items and HaydenShapes.

Waves are solid since like forever , what agreat season ! Today is head high crossed up biggest sets shutting down but some great waves coming thru , rains left and sun’s out , come surfing ! New Untitled dy HS are here NOW !Sold 1 today ! Come on by and see what we have and measure up against what they have , best ever ND EcoBoard project members !Thanks Chuck and the Crew at WOW SURF ! 

Surf today is 3 to 4 ft faces out from , high tide is letting it look really good , Im opening the shop today so Im missing out but somebodies got to do it ! Seems theres a bit of southerly bump showing so as it grows take a look at the the points between here and Barrranca with the mid day low tides ! Heres some pretty cool news for an ECO standpoint and products brought to CR thru Pure Surf Distribution your number one import and sitribution surf company !


Super fun glassy shoulder to head high out front right now ! Mornings are nice as well and weekend will be quite fun and rains are moving away for a couple of days !

Jaco is the best place to surf this week or for a bigger bump do Hermosa tomorrow !

Nice pro tourism activity in the community right now , trying to get people together and make Jaco an even better place to live and visit ! PURA VIDA !!!!!!

Fun 2/3 ft faces . no wind right now , its going to be a great session this evening ! Hermosa could be real fun early am session . Got time swing in the store and hang out with me for a while , never know what we might dream up ! Pura Vida , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Surfs 2-4 out front lo tide hard hitting this evening , friend surfed the Boca small but all alone today and 600 Meters long ! Want some ? Come visit us ! Pura Vida Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF 

Jaco was real fun this evening if a little fat and mushy , clean light winds and so many people on the beach ! Friday should also be quite fun with the afternoon high tide , I heard from a friend that corners was real fun this am as well ! Well this is a nice end to our general high season , sales have been really good these last few days but as you know at the beginning of green season we always do store wide discount so keep your eyes on CR SURF ! Thanks Chuck and the CREW AT WOW SURF ! Happy Surfing !

Bigger today for sure , looks like a wsw direction and Ill bet the Islands going to break at low tide this afternoon , Esterillos Oeste in the morning is the call as well ! Hermosa is going to be suck up hard hitting barrel if you want any of those and there are those that get just that ! Weather is beautiful , light clouds showing up the last couple of days and the cicadas are going crazy calling for rain ! Could we be getting close to some rains already ? Even the Cortez Trees haven’t flowered yet but the Cicadas are truly going crazy and that’s confusing this old school CR traveler for sure . One says too early and the other says just around the corner ! Lets see what happens , come by the shop for some first class treatment and a free surf map after all we are still here because of you ! Pura Vida , A Friend in Costa Rica ! Free hat to the first traveler who knows where that came from and sends me an email telling me the answer !

3/5 ft faces and a bit bumpy in the afternoon , ist a nice long swell , lines are looking Esterillos Oeste to me , let me know if you surfed there today ! Shop has been pretty decent as of late , I guess having some of the best surf boards in the country helps and you know for the real deal were not too pricey ! New pads by ProLite and DaKine are pretty bitchin too ! A bit of skate additions in the shop if you want to drop into the mini bowl at the Civic Center , we have pads ,helmets and parts along with some decent complete skateboards too ! We are not Arenas but that’s the point I think we are not Arenas were still just [hahaha] WOW SURF ! Thanks for your visit and hope you enjoyed Jungle Jam ! I did ! Pura Vida from the CREW and I !

We got surf here in Jaco/Hermosa area , it is dropping some but yesterday was pretty big , first real heavy day of the year ! Weathers right on and just got a sample run of HaydenShapes WhiteNoiz in so you may want to check them out ! Pura Vida

 Beautiful day here in Jaco , sunny with a light breeze and high tide in the afternoon at sunset so that evening session could be great . Its not very big some chest high sets I figure but condition are clean a nice !

I bet Hermosa is going to be on fire!

First ever WSL event in CR is on today ! Conditions are really good for that event , Diego is working real hard with his team on this so stop by Esterillos Este and see the action ! For just 1 week{ Fri 7 thru Thursday 13} I will give a free WOW SURF t-shirt to anyone who comes by the shop and makes a 20$ minimum purchase but you have to say I SAW THIS ON CR SURF !

Looking pretty solid out here today , 2 directions and if you choose well you can get a bomb ! Some 5-7 ft faces not perfect but way surfable ! Winds are really variable with the feeder bands passing thru so you gotta be on it ! No crowds to speak of they are heading to Este for the WSL event this week ! Be some talent in town for sure ! Best days of the year to buy a board from us great deals on great boards , an example is brand new US made SuperBrand only 500$ in cash !!!! And some other great deals too ! Come on in and see us at Chucks WOW SURF ! PURA VIDA and Happy Surfing !

Fun waves here in Jaco , some wind on it with the early afternoon high tide but fun none the less , Hermosa had some bombs come thru the last few days and I hear the Boca was good as well ! Hardly raining , just some afternoon stuff and you cant beat not having crowds either . Im doing a 20% off in the shop on everything but you have to mention you saw this here or on our facebook page . Great time to buy a new board for sure ! Best quality boards in the country ! See ya soon , Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Right out front was that 2’4 ft faces and super fats but really clean too ! I took out a Tom Carrol SUP I just got and had a blast ! I hear that the swell is going to pickup and abit more south which should give us a bit more of a shoulder to work with . I will probably start thinking about Oeste here in the next couple of days as the tide moves into midday and with a bit of push it could be fun , shortboard riders will want to check Tulin and Centro thru Bejuco area I figure . Not much special happening here , life and business as usual , Jaco has the art festival this weekend and should be pretty packed with people and good music and theres is a big parade Saturday evening with some 15 marching bands form all over CR invited to march thru town and add some action and fun to our nice town ! In other news I was invited to a meeting with the judicial department of CR as member of our growth and development community group and thye gave us some pretty nice news . Jaco or the county of Garabito is one of the very few counties in CR with a dropping crime statistic and an improving arrest and conviction rating . It took awhile{5 + years} and hard work and lots of police presence but along with community involvement we are actually becoming an even better place to live and visit . More infrastructure , better services and a safer community , hows that for success ! Anyways see ya soon right here in Jaco ! Pura Vida y saludos or greetings from Chuck and the crew here at WOW SURF ! 

AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS small waist to chest high clean little zippers !BEST PLACE TO SURF THIS WEEK IN YOUR AREA -Get them open beach breaks in your sights for sure , Look ta Tulin Rivermouth , Esterillos Centro and Bejuco !

What an incredible start to season ! Thank You Costa Rica ! Happy Surfing Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Bueno its fun at 3-4 ft faces here a little fat at higher tide and the tides is going to get higher over the weekend so you are going to have to be ready to jump from spot to spot but you will get waves ! Weather is changing rains are leaving us I saw some cirrus clouds today at higher levels so the cold front is sitting up there and that means the moisture cant accumulate[ cumulus clouds] and rain will not fall ! Tope or annual horse parade [ gathering] is this Saturday so if your in the area don’t miss this its going to be the best ever for Jaco ! late afternoon and evening with live bands , great food and a dance after the parade ! Also balck Friday is a 25% off EVERYTHING in the store ! Even for just that 1 day HaydenShapes boards ! Don’t miss it ! Thanks and happy surfing Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

WOW what a great weekend for waves in Jaco ! Tuesday- Thursday 5-7 ft faces with a bomb or 2 and decent shape and conditions for the afternoon. Friday INSANE conditions, a tiny bit smaller but even better shape, crowd not too bad for the weekend and that last half hour before dark was soo good ! Sunday took the day off and went for a horseback ride with my better half and enjoyed a real nice sunset from a point on top of the mountain overlooking Jaco ! Hey don’t forget Jaco has its annual TOPE on November 28th and if you want to see some beautiful critters and dance some its going to be fantastic ! If you want to rent a horse let us know and we will put you in touch with someone ! PURA VIDA

Waves are a fun 3-5 ft and clean with the cloudy sky today , I caught a fun chest high left that peeled off for 75 yards yesterday right in front of the shop ! Come to Costa Rica surf everyday ! Nice deals on some board lines right now and we would like to show them off , thanks Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF ! 

Some solid head high waves out front today , shape wasnt great but pick and choose and get a good one here and there ! Winds is backing off right now with a nice afternoon shower heading our way . Weather has been fantastic here with summer like conditions common . Rains are staying light to none for the most part , just enough to keep it green ! We like it Green ! Seeing some tourists on the prowl the last few days but crowds are light and waves are abundant ! Come on in to Jaco ! Thanks Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

3-5 FT faces and quite fun this am , interesting with a little bump in the face but got a couple of screamin rights for sure . Jaco was nice I will call it ! weather is top notch if a bit HOT HOT HOT ! Make sure you stop by the shop and pick up your Zinka products to help keep you looking young ! Pura Vida , Chuck and the CREW from WOW SURF

Fun surf yesterday and today. Bigger today for sure . Some 3-4 ft w bigger sets . I’d look at Hermosa early and go from there. Fresh Hayden’s arrived this week Hypto Krypto and Love Buzz ! Come visit WOW SURF ! 

Wednesday evening had some of the cleanest most enjoyable afternoon conditions in quite a while , shoulder high and sooooo clean it was real good , only 4 guys out here and 2 pretty girls so the crowd was a positive thing too . Rains are close you can see it in the mountains and its getting lower everyday , still be dry most days but you can start expecting those afternoon showers too . beachbreaks are the ticket as usual. Jaco is in its slow easy going days but we still have some tourists walking around seeing the most futuristic tourist based city in Costa Rica , Just broke the news last week of a new shopping center going to be built starting now and the eye candy looks pretty nice . So many good things happen in our town everyday its amazing ! Thanks for looking at CR Surf , Chuck and the gang at WOW SURF !

Surf’s been pretty good all season so far, way better than last year ! Today was kind of funky with a strong north ripping it up a bit but there were still some waves to be had . Weather is great cool nights and sunny days ! Joseph “PALITO” Mendez[ wow surf team rider] just picked up Cobian Sandals as a new sponsor at the exhibition they did in Puntarenas yesterday . He’s killing it right now, even won another event at Hermosa last weekend . Wants the Championship bad this year for Boys division and he almost won last year but this year hes even more on it ! The shop always has some nice deals on new surfboards and of course we carry only A-GRADE PRODUCT HERE ! Thanks again , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Still a touch of swell out there kind of a weird north swell with lots of bend in it , Oeste has been on fire this week ! Going to be a regular busy weekend here in Jaco , Lots of pretty girls around for sure ! We just got back from Surf Expo and have some great products to offer shop owners along with our tried and proven board and accessories lines . To keep promoting the new SUP experience we are offering for a limited time some great SUP package deals so come on by the shop ! Thanks Chuck and The CREW at WOW SURF !

After all the stormy condition of lats week we’ve really had a fun week here now with better weather and cleaned up conditions. Nice fun surf in the AM 2-4 ft and clean as all get out . Hermosa was a bit bigger too ! SUNNY day to day , cant beat it for “rainy season” ! hahahaha ! Come Surfing PLEASE ! Don’t wait , tickets are cheap and you can plan your trip right here at CR SURF too ! Pura Vida chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

WOW its still got plenty of size here ! Head-high solid with bigger sets and holding up and staying open ! Winds are light side shore from the south and Im going surfing ! No rain around right now or the last couple of days so its nice for surfers and regular people too ! Hahahah ! We at WOW SURF and Jesslyn at Kellys Surf Shop[ Tamarindo] are giving some great deals on surfboards of highest quality and modern designs , likes of Hayden, Aloha , Webbers and some other great brands and a few longboards from Stewart and Walden even . WOW SURF is also discounting some of our SUPs to make room for the 2015 stuff due to begin arriving . The deals are from 15% -35% off regular prices , dont miss it, it will only last a month more so either North or South you know where to go ! See ya soon , Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Hey Guys , super fun stuff especially after getting to run the guantlet for the last few days here > IT WAS BIG AND HEAVY ! Today was headhighish clean and midtide had some good ones out front and you could just have fun ! Tickets are cheap right now so you should be here ! Pura Vida Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

GO CARLOS GO ! Surf was great yesterday evening crossed up medium swell from the west or nw and really technical with a few headhigh solid sets coming thru , glassy afternoons are the norm the last few days and the tides are high due the moon so JACO is the spot ! All kinds of fun here ! Business is picking up and we have outr independence sale going on but you need to come by to see what kind of deals we have for you ! These are custom bro deals , no fooling anyone into thinking somehow we can give you 50% off the whole shop [impossible unless your closing or overcharging ] but some real honest deals for everyone and our best deals are for our tried and true clients ! Don’t miss it ! PURA VIDA , Chuck and the SAME OLD CREW at WOW SURF !

Man if you get it just right you can get it insane ! Surfed 3 hours of glassy incredible 4-6 faced waves in Oeste at Casas yesterday , so good you couldn’t even imagine where you were and today it was windy sloppy funky etc.everywhere . Drove all over and not a bit of surfing to be had [ Im picky] ! Anyways 3-4 ft and fun if you are on and its to grow a bit tonite maybe , some rains in the area but the wind is the factor now ! BOARD DEALS ARE ON! I have some great bargains going on new boards right now but you have to come visit ! Pura Vida and Happy Surfing Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

fun surf for sure , great morning tides and you can surf just about anywhere between here and there right now ! Hermosa was quite fun today some 3-4ft and glassy am with not too many people about ! Got some great deals going on in the shop right now and if you are surf school /surf shop operator and need boards it’s a great time to get some new NSPs , a fresh arrival of 2014 on the books for Wednesday the 23rd ! We will be offering some great buy here pay here deals out of our warehouse ! Thanks for letting us help you do good business ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Glassy smallish , shoulder high waves but tons of fun right now , great tides and its not crazy sunny but its not raining either. It’s kind of like the best of both , summer and winter mixed . Hermosa was sooooo fun this am it was a like one of the dream days on the east coast of the US but way better even ! We are still doing that 20% off all new boards[ except Hayden] sale here , have sold out of a few models but have some sweeties here still, if you need a nice high tech HIGH quality shortboard or longboard now is the time ! Pura Vida and Happy Surfing, Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Okay here it is , First of all I’ve never been so proud to be TICO [ I earned my cedula not born with it ] ! WOW ,What a great job by our Seleccion in the world cup in Brazil ! Unbeaten in regular play and no one thought they could do it but with team spirit, perseverance and hard work look what this tiny sized giant hearted country just did ! Congratulations to all and PURA VIDA !
Surfs still pretty solid here with the ocasional overhaed set and POWER is the key word . Broken boards are a common site and Hermosa is the point of demise for many nice surfboards ! Weather is super nice , no rain yesterday and today maybe a light shower but could get into some glassy conditions again ! I’m going to do it again and just if you mention CR SURF ! AT least 20% off on all new surfboards [ even Hayden HYPTO KRYPTO ] but please bring cash and say you saw it on CR SURF or our WOW SURF webiste ! It’s a July event only and I’ll stop it when I want so dont miss out on it ! Pura Vida , Happy Surfing from the CREW at WOW SURF !

WE HAVE SURF ! Great conditions in Jaco yesterday , overhead sets and some shape out there , tides are good today as well so get it before it gets too big ! Weather is a bit stormy offshore today so it’s a check it often to get the goods ! Thanks and Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

DELE SELE DELE CAMPEONES EN CAMINO ! Small clean waves here in Jaco , perfect for learning to surf ! Weather is fantastic hot and sunny with light afternoon showers but looks like VERANILLO is here for sure . SUPs are the watercraft of choice right now and we have a great selection of them for both recreation , race and SURF SUP ! Come on by and check out the selection of boards we have , we have arguably the best quality highest tech surfboards in Costa Rica and they are backed by some of the most prestigious manufacturers out there ! Thanks and HAPPY SURFING , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

How much fun do you want to have! 3-5 ft faces [ biggest waves are headhigh and great shape , Jaco likes the extreme tides and that we have with clean swell and a bit of rain to glass it off ! Crowds are light and its all about fun surfing ! Come have some ! Pura Vida, Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Well its finally backed down a bit , the beachbreaks are more friendly and it looks like it may be like that for a week or so , a bit of a bump early on and holding all week , its still headhigh and plenty of juice but its more friendly to the majority of the surfer community ! Last week was a great week here lots of WAY overhead days and great conditions !Crowds are light being in between vacation periods so it’s a great time to go surf here or anywhere in CR . Come on down and GO SURF ! Pura Vida from Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS – Ok smaller surf today but its been super fun here all week ! Man do we like the rainy season especially when it only rains a little bit but we have great surf along with it!

BEST PLACE TO SURF THIS WEEK IN YOUR AREA – Beachbreaks are where its at , too small for most of the points but I did see a special spot working yesterday with NOBODY out !

NEWS AND UPCOMING EVENTS-Nothing special , rainy season deal on boards as usual , fresh stock on the way and ZINKA has new organic # 30 sunscreen which will work for some of our more natural oriented surfers , no sting to eyes or environment ! Come on by and check us out ! Pura Vida and happy surfing ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Fun waves here right now , its going to be great for the contest , not too big but plenty of fun beachbreak waves ! Weather has definitely changed and the rains are here , its so GREEN ! We get those clean afternoons now again and the sun factor is down so you can do them longer sessions with less risk as well . Jaco is on fire with public works and we now have a our new CIVI CENTER open and operating with a new skatepark and public auditorium along with INA classrooms and our new Community Growth Association [ I am a hard working part of the group ] office will be open there starting June 1st . Goals are to help educate more of Jacos citizens of all ages in both community activities and free classes in things like lifesaving,recycling,English , basic accounting and business operation skills along with many others. We also will be in charge of activities like our Art Festival , Concerts and of course the Annual TOPE JACO or Horse Parade .We are part of the force driving the growth and prosperity that comes with the remodeling and design of the NEW JACO ! Take part and get involved if youd like but best of all come visit us bring your family and HAPPY SURFING ! Pura Vida from Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

A bit stormy today but man was it good yesterday and with the rains you never know what tomorrow will bring for the REEF event ! Surf is head highish and got some juice and theres plenty of people here in town too ! Got some great cash deals on boards right now and if you are a school or shop owner and want some NSPs we should get your order placed for JULY surf season NOW ! Contact us and get a nice discount on your prebook orders ! Tuanis , Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Finally WE GOT SURF ! Last few days ahev been a relief from the waist to chest high with some well overhead waves coming thru , Ive been surfing a favorite of mine and if you come by the shop Ill tell you where it is ! Its been head-high and better , A FRAME , lefts and rights and only a few people out , been riding my new NSP SUP DC 8’6” which is the new Dale Chapman model for SUP surf competition and Im leaving link so you can see the board as well . Weather continues HOT HOT HOT but maybe a bit of rain to fall in the next few days with the bochornoso conditions . Anyways go surfing , have fun and see you in the shop or in the water ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !Heres the link ,You gotta scroll down a bit but its worth it !

Some bombs coming thru south of Hermosa where its wide open to swell , Jaco has been a straight on type of wave for the last 2 days even with high tide, today is cloudy and windless so I am going to be watching high tide here for sure . Contest in Domi this weekend , lets see what happens for Joseph “Palito” Mendez our boys soon junior division team rider as he hunts his first Boys champion title , he’s hard at it , surfing well , great kid and hard studier with good grades and a great representative of Costa Rica , surfing and WOW SURF SHOP .Go Palito Go ! If you want to help sponsor Palito with a few bucks for his travel expenses for the world juniors it will be much appreciated and I will give anyone willing to help plenty of mentions on our website and facebook page, we do have a PayPal account so its even easy , every 20$ gets him that much farther . Lets help this clean living hard surfing young man go far both in life and surfing life too ! Thanks and Pura Vida ! The Crew at CHUCKS WOW SURF !

Got some bump ! head high sets and clean lines , the rocky points were real good this am !Just received the new Emery surfboards [ Adam Melling ] and the LSD the boards that Julian Wilson rides when hes in OZ and most of the tour as well, also we have the first batch of OZZIE WRIGHTS new boards the VAMPIRATE label and they are pretty far out too ! Super clean new age designs you gotta check em out ! Thanks and Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Small but really fun waves here in Jaco , sunset session is fantastic right now with light winds and clean peaks , you should have seen it yesterday ! Business is good with the town packed and such a mellow crowd with hardly any activity crime wise but really good police presence . I expect the surf to remain the same and crowds to drop until mid January when the airfares drop to like 280$ RT Florida-Cr-Florida [ Talk to Greg he knows]! And we will have fun surf too ! Come on down and visit and if you want a fresh adventure let me know I bet there is a TOPE to be had in the neighborhood too ! Pura Vida Happy New Year and GO SURF ! Chuck and the Crew at WOW SURF !

Sorry man , surf is small at about 2-4 ft but the 1 an hour set still arrives , tides looking good for a quick afternoon session here in town today ! Jaco is on fire , light parade this Saturday ending at the park , live salsa band and Mrs Costa Rica finalists are here and it’s all leading up to the Saturday Horse Parade or TOPE JACO 2013 ! It’s going to rock ! Come on and visit us , you can’t miss it ! Pura Vida Chuck and the crew at WOW SURF !

Monday am surfs bigger today can’t wait for the tide to fill in this afternoon , I expect solid head high and decent shape here in Jaco with light winds . Supposed to hold a day or so and then back to the normal chest to head stuff so take advantage of the next couple of afternoons and GO SURFING ! As to the TOPE JACO this year, it is going to BLOW UP. If your in town don’t misss it, one of the best events of the year and if you ever wanted to dance Salsa , THIS EVENING OF THE 30TH OF NOVEMBER will be your chance , till the late night with Caramelo from Quepos at the salon Multi-Uso. And all of this is to help make the Fiesta De Alegria or children Christmas party a better event . Proceeds for everything are going directly there ! Come on in and if you want to rent a horse and ride in the parade let me know ! Tuanis , Happy Surfing and GIDDYUP ! Chuck and the crew from WOW SURF !

Waves are fun ,if small. Rains just never did make it. The weather is incredible ! Sunny days , nice evenings with just a light shower here and there and October is complete !Getting a good feel here about season and we’re READY for SUMMER [ Tico style] , come in and see us. New boards and other product start arriving next week including all the HaydenShapes we sold out of again ! Pura Vida , Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

FUN surf chest to head high and the 1 wave an hour bomb , some wind mixed in with the ground swell but its real fun out there !

Hermosa am and Jaco in the afternoon for now with the higher tides .

That’s it , just go surf ! Chuck and the CREW from WOW SURF

Well it appears we finally are getting some rain , its been drizzly here since yesterday but the surf has been quite fun , gotta get it when the tides right but you can get some good ones , 2-4 ft faces with bigger sets on the half hour . For all of those Surfing Cowboys out there The Gran Tope Jaco 2013 is set for November 30th and is going to be INSANE ! Been working on it [ I am part of Tope Commision ] for 2 months and reception has been great , Horses from all over CR are going to land in our town and put on a show like we have never seen before in Jaco ! 3 PM roll-out and stroll right thru town during the night hours ! Dance with a band [ Caramelo]afterwards in the Multi Uso and raffle items sponsored by local business ! If you want to be involved whether riding , watching helping out or sponsorship please contact me and I will let you know who to speak of for each area ! Thanks , Happy Surfing and PURA VIDA , Chuck and the CREW here at WOW SURF !

Bro what fun waves and I just returned from Surf Expo , good vibes there for sure , sales are improving is the word I got while we were there , people are feeling like they want to control their destiny again and not wait for some government officials to do it for them because IT WONT HAPPEN , EVER ! Lets go , make it happen, have fun go surfing ! Surf today at the PEAK was chest to head high got a few before the crowds showed up but even then it wasn’t too bad , light winds + dropping swell so the beach breaks will be good for the next few days anyways ! ENJOY ! Thanks Happy Surfing ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Man some great low tide sessions at a secret spot just south of here the last few days , pretty big yesterday even ! Big wind went thru here today so we will have to watch whats up and the local weather service is calling for a tropical wave to go thru , weather has been great but I think the rains are getting going again ! Anybody want a great deal on a surfboard ? Come see us right away , we have some jewels for CHEAP ! See ya soon , happy surfing ! Chuck and the crew at WOW SURF !

Super fun surf here right now waist to shoulder high with bigger sets on the half hour . Conditions are pretty decent , no heavy weather right now and it appears to be a bit bigger as the sun went down tonite, tides are real big so you gotta work it but you can catch some great waves on the tidal swing as well ! Business is great some tourists around it’s a kind of long weekend so expect a few people here for the CNS finals too ! Deals on boards as usual and we have a few SUPs for 600$ cash if anyone wants a GREAT DEAL on one or 2 ! Thanks and happy surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF .

ell its 3-4 ft , bigger at Hermosa but its short interval stormy conditions , you can get a fun wave but you gotta be on it , its raining now but sunny mornings are the norm . I have heard rumor of the next tropical wave but who knows !

Shop has some real nice discounts going so if you need something and mention CR SURF you will be stoked for sure ! Thanks Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF

Well its mackin out there , lots of broken boards at Hermosa today but LOTS OF BALLS TO THE WALLS BARRELS too ! The heavy wave crew was on it , no tow ins just radical surfing , 10 ft faces on sets and almost as round as tall ! Jaco fun a bit smaller but still overhead and powerful , appears to hold its size thru tomorrow and then drop for the CNS finals but Saturdays rounds should be exciting as all get out , direction is good tides okay and theres plenty of power , look for the best of our CR surfers to put on a show tomorrow !Weathers been pretty decent afternoon rains but nothing too crazy and its beautiful out there right now , sunny and clear . We just received Summer O’Neil clothing and Lycra so you may want to stop by and see it and maybe get a new pair of boardies or a new BOARD even , some great deals mixed in the rack there and the fresh batch of Haydens also arrived this week . Thanks and happy surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS – (this would be for the majority of waves you saw when you last looked. conditions could be choppy or glassy, winds, weather, crowd factor, etc.)Funky bumpy peaky fun 3-5 ft with some bigger sets ! been some rain mixed in with some sun so its all nice here , GREEN is the word for sure, if your driving down the Costanera look around [pay attention to the road too] and see how beautiful Costa Rica is, go for a walk in the jungle and get a hit of OXYGEN from its source  ! Don’t miss it !!! We have a contest here at Hermosa in front of Rogers this weekend , in Memory of Fran Mora one of the first organizers of surf competition back in the 80s , Alvaro , Diego,Gustavo,Salsi,Lisbeth,and many others started their surfing careers thanks in part to this guy and its going to be lots of fun and someones going to win a new Aloha AF2 Turbo ! Anyways wherever you are have fun surf hard and make friends ! Pura Vida , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

It is a longer wait than expected for a slowly arriving South swell, leaving the weekend with chest to head high surf. The waves won’t pick up until Tuesday morning and then build a foot a day through Thursday when it peaks at 2 feet overhead on the sets Friday. It fades a foot for next weekend, but there’s more South and Southwest on the way!

New Website!

We are currently undergoing new and exciting improvements to the web site! Nothing should affect using the web site. Thanks for checking us out!

Fun small Jaco and little bigger down at Estirillos Oeste

Fun small Jaco and little bigger down at Estirillos Oeste , 2-4 ft faces with really short intervals and pretty peaky . People are in town could it actually be season is starting early ? Weather in San Jose is changing and it was super cold this past weekend with that North blowing pretty hard ! We have some end of season specials going now to make room for the new product so make sure you come by ! Thanks and Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Jaco has been quite fun in the afternoons with the pm glass offs

Fun waist to chest high conditions prevail here , Jaco has been quite fun in the afternoons with the pm glass offs , Friday was a classic day at the Peak in Oeste as well . We had 2 dry days and the trend seems to be not too wet for the next week but expect regular afternoon showers and glass ! We are running a 20% store wide sale on everything except boards for the next 10 days still so if you need something come on by ! Also Oakley clothing and footwear is at 30% off too ! Gotta make room for the new product arriving soon ! Thanks and Happy Surfing ! Pura Vida from Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Clean, shoulder high, with a little bump sneaking thru too

Surf was fun fun fun this am , clean shoulder high with a little bump sneaking thru too , weather drop dead beautiful with a light breeze blowing around 11 . Circus is in town with the National Finals , watch for our boys Enoch , Jean Carlo and Pablito and yes of course Krystel in the ladies department and cheer em on a little . See ya at the contest ! Happy Surfing , Chuck and the Crew at WOW SURF !!!

I bet its going to be off its face tomorrow

Its growing and there’s a big thunder bumper out front so I bet its going to be off its face tomorrow ! Barranca was fun today , not too crowded and not perfect but head high sets and pretty darn PURA VIDA out there ! Had a beautiful day lots of sun and probably be the same tomorrow just BIGGER SURF ! See ya ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF

Big surf here…

Big surf here , surfed the Boca with a light crowd and well overhead sets and really good form . Jaco was on the verge of being to big but the in between waves in the afternoon were well shaped and powerful . Winds have been light so its been pretty nice. I figure our beach breaks are the call this weekend , looks like it’s going to be pretty big though . Nothing special happening except a surfboard inventory reduction is going to take place here at WOW SURF , how about 25% off every regular priced NEW boards in stock . Cash or Credit doesn’t matter !That’s a deal you can’t beat and all quality boards , we just have too many boards in stock ! Thanks and of course Happy Surfing with a little PURA VIDA ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Fun surf today

Fun surf today – 3-5 ft faces in Jaco and Hermosa was inconsistent but there were a few good ones if you waited long enough ! WOW SURF is doing that crazy 25% off everything sale still , 2 more weeks to get that new stick you have wanted , imagine a new HaydenShapes Hypto Krytpo hypto for under 600$ !!! Crazy , dont miss it, after the 15th of June it may not be available at this price ever again ! Pura Vida, Chuck and The Crew from WOW SURF !!!

Summer surf crew arriving daily…

AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS – Nice Job Andrea, I have heard good things about the event! Surf here is big enough but strange bump mixed in with good swell. Weather is changing for sure and I see the summer surf crew arriving daily here in Jaco Hermosa Esterillos area.

BEST PLACE TO SURF THIS WEEK IN YOUR AREA – Tides are getting better for the afternoon beachbreak sessions and after we get past the huge moon we should get into some greats sessions, weekend is going to be JACO JACO JACO, Count on it, size will hold up some and Jaco has some of the longest rolling waves in the area when the tides are as they will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday !

NEWS AND UPCOMING EVENTS – Surf Shop and Surf School owners, we are planning a mini SURF –EXPO here in Jaco to show you all the new products and boards we will be distributing for late 2012-2013, at the same time we will be offering prebook specials on the new stuff as well . Also will have an inventory list on hand for those last minute fill up the rental or school rack before July lessons and rentals start happening. Send us an email at deb@wowsurf.com to help setup an appointment for PURE SURF EXPO.

Central Pacific at its finest!

Central Pacific at its finest ! Estirillos Oeste a bit overhead on sets and nice lines , a few fat ones at the reef and the middle was super fun , nice peaks with time for the bottom turn and then a fast racetrack thru the inside , got me a little slice of tube ride on a right wall on the McTavish SUP 9’0” that will keep me stoked for the day . No clouds no rain no heavy wind even just fun clean surf everywhere you look ! Also Jaco is in Party mode , festival for the founding of Jaco is this week and we have parades and such all week long and mechanical rides etc. in Town .We also have TOPE or a traditional horse parade on Sunday and we will be there stepping proudly thru town on Pinto and Princesa so come on by and give us a shout or if you want to participate let us know we can get you a rental horse to ride in the Tope too !!! Cant beat it for sure , life is SOOOO GOOOD ! PURA VIDA and Happy Surfing ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !! Estirillos Oeste a bit overhead on sets and nice lines , a few fat ones at the reef and the middle was super fun , nice peaks with time for the bottom turn and then a fast racetrack thru the inside , got me a little slice of tube ride on a right wall on the McTavish SUP 9’0” that will keep me stoked for the day . No clouds no rain no heavy wind even just fun clean surf everywhere you look ! Also Jaco is in Party mode , festival for the founding of Jaco is this week and we have parades and such all week long and mechanical rides etc. in Town .We also have TOPE or a traditional horse parade on Sunday and we will be there stepping proudly thru town on Pinto and Princesa so come on by and give us a shout or if you want to participate let us know we can get you a rental horse to ride in the Tope too !!! Cant beat it for sure , life is SOOOO GOOOD ! PURA VIDA and Happy Surfing ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Prefect Summer Conditions…

It’s perfect summer conditions waves everywhere but somewhat small. 2/4 ft faces in Oeste today but with noserides like NOOSA! Winds are light still early afternoon so its still pretty out front in Jaco too! Just come surfing, we are only 1.5 hours from the airport and WET! See ya soon, happy New Year!
Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Small perfect surf is the order for the next couple of days. Surfed Oeste today, best wave around shape wise [we checked it all] and 3-4 ft faces with light offshore winds, nobody hardly in the water but lots of people on the beach! Jaco is rockin right now, had a traffic jam last nite in front of the shop and sales are super good right now! We are running a 20% off all SUPER FISHES right now for summer waves if you want 1 to go out a rip the little stuff! We can ship them anywhere in Costa Rica within 3 days [once we get past this week] Just let us know!!!! Pura Vida, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!!! Chuck and the Crew at WOW SURF!

Mid-November… Still Raining, But Plenty of Surf

Well its mid-November and still raining… but we have plenty of surf as well, not huge but plenty fun and peaky in the 3-5 ft. faces range . It looks like a little longer until we get rid of the rains so the nights will be cool and the afternoons a bit wet for a week or so still! Boards are starting to sell as the tourists arrive and Aguinaldo’s are paid and that’s sure nice to see!!! Happy Surfing! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF!


Man we had some surf here this weekend, some very powerful if not real big swell hit us and Jaco had some barrels on Sunday you couldn’t believe. Hermosa was eating up boards and giving away some great truck size barrels to the lucky ones that could do it! Tourism was up for sure and now Monday is looking pretty busy as well, we must be doing something right!!!!


FUN FUN FUN , That’s Jaco afternoons the last few days , waist to shoulder with the sneaky one here and there , glassy peaky , uncrowded and blah blah blah ! You should have been here !

Best Place To Surf: Right here at high tide in front of the shop , you can check it from the front door of the shop so ? I’m sure Hermosa’s good on the dropping in the AM too !

Upcoming events: Our big board sale ends TOMORROW , if you didn’t get 1 better send me a note and put some money down because boards are back to regular price on TUESDAY ! Thanks to ALL those people who did buy boards and help us get thru the slow days , expect business to be pretty good this season coming , ( here’s hoping and praying) !

Pura Vida , Happy Surfing- Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF where owning ,operating and working at a REAL SURF SHOP is a trade of PROFESSIONALS !

Bueno Barrilito was on fire yesterday

Bueno Barrilito was on fire yesterday p.m. overhead sets and barrels to be had along with some nice bowls , still crossed up and such but the peak was really good ! I even took one on the head that made it even more fun ! Jaco looked pretty good too a bit more dumpy but a couple of good ones out there.

Looks like more rain in the forecast for the coming days but the waters warm and the rain as well , surf should be very similar and you just have to check a few places and keep on eye on the wind .

Still running specials in the store if you need anything it’s a good time to buy right now . The new Cocomat NSPs are due in this week and you should see them, especially for the ECO minded surf school this is a great idea, reducing resin and fiberglass use by 30% and weight reduction by 15% and adding who knows how much thru the use of natural fibers from COCONUT HUSKS! Here’s a link to the technology which is only available here in Costa Rica thru PURE SURF DISTRIBUTION or your best local retailers – Coco-mat technology. You will be able to see the boards here and not even have to go to SURF EXPO in January. But if you also want to meet us there at the booth we will all be happy to show you the complete new Global Surf Industries line-up. PURA VIDA and Happy Surfing, Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF!


Man it was classic out front head-high powerful and clean with strong offshores [for jaco] peaks all over , probably had some of the best surf I’ve seen in Jaco for a while ! Hermosa was cleanish and fun in the morning as well .

Got them rainy season specials going right now and if you own a school or rental program I have some deals going right now on limited #s of NSPs and Surf Series so call us and get your order placed and SAVE some serious bucks before season is upon us ! Pura Vida and Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Man what a Week Of Waves !

Everything from huge gnarly beachbreak to some standout days at secret spots all over our area , Jaco was good this a.m. solid headhigh and peaky clean , hardly anyone out due to the Caldera highway is part closed due to landslides from the weeks heavy rains !Expect a really good week here with hightides a.m. and back or regular swell until later in the week. Off to Surf Expo , Global Surf Industries will have its first booth in years and if you are going to be in Orlando come by the booth , we will be unveiling 2 new world class shapers products and some great new technology in board production at the show and if you are a surfer/shop owner you need to see this ! Also we will have a man on hand to explain the importance of the 2 ISO certifications the 9002 for quality control and the 14001 for Environment management process, GSI has earned and how it will affect our Planet and our own ability to continue to thrive and ride ! Really don’t miss it its going to BLOW MINDS ! A surf company thinking truly about us as surfers and our world that we live in ! See ya in OVILLE ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Bueno – Sept 1 starts 20% off new boards*

Bueno it was ugly today in the morning but cleaned up late afternoon , yesterday was the day for everywhere for sure , Jaco was 4-6 ft faces and almost perfect ! Today was a bit smaller and funky but quite fun !

Special: September and October. 1st come – 1st gets Shops busy and we start our discount month in few days so if your boards looking a little beat-up its time ! Inventory clearance here for September and October , need to unload boards so 20% off all stock boards . Cash or credit card doesn’t matter ! This deal does not include Channel Islands but talk to me because we have some CI specials going too !

BEST PLACE TO SURF THIS WEEK Man check them points out this week if it gets bigger again ! The beachbreak will be improving as the tides swing back into late afternoon and mornings ! See ya there , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Rains A Comin’

Still big enough for sure , some way overhead sets came thru Sunday afternoon , fair conditions a bit closed out but a good wave came thru as well . Looks like the rains are back the “chicharras” or Cicadas are going nuts this morning and that means rains are on the way , the old guys say we will get back in the full rains this week ,Surf is dropping a little and the tides are improving so it should stay fun all week!

Great Surf Report

Okay its another great wave report , beautiful 4-6 ft faces everywhere ! Clean low wind conditions and no rain to speak of , you should be here right now !!!!!Oh the old “canuk” guy Patrick got the barrel of the day at Barrilito yesterday and left the whole beach speechless , his sons were out there rippin’ with him too !They have the peak wired for sure!

Veranillo de San Juan (Great Weather)

Small but quite clean Jaco is 2-3 ft faces and Esterillos Oeste was a bit bigger and long lines today , beautiful sunshine and not too many people around considering its late July . Haven’t had any rain in 3 days , I do believe we have hit our Veranillo de San Juan and right on time . You might even get some great surf this week and with good winds in Guanacaste and yep I might think about the Caribe as well ? It happens sometimes and in the “old days” we used to spend a lot of time in Limon surfing Bonita and Portete this time of year ! Anyways go do some exploring and have some fun ! Happy Surfing ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !


Luz de Vida announced their annual contest will be from July 15th to 17th in Santa Teresa.
That weekend will also be our 600th surf report (CR Surf Report) since we started in August 1998. (Thanks Chuck and Louis, who have been there from the start!)

One of biggest sales from wow. See why they say; “WOW, go to Chuck’s for, wow, what a sale.”

Your welcome and that’s kind of cool its Louis and I, (Louis, you and I need to get together and do the GURU thing someday soon! It’s been way too long!)

Anyways waves have been too big for our local beach breaks but today had Jaco really good in the afternoon , I imagine that Oeste was really good as well , its like head-high on sets a bit straight on but plenty of shoulders out there if you paddled hard and found the right position on sets !

Back to the slow month of May, business wise, but that means we have to do some really nice deals because its local boys and residents doing the shopping. So guess what its LETS MAKE A DEAL time at WOW SURF . Any new regular priced board and get a leash and board bag for FREE. How’s that for a nice local bro deal !!!! PURA VIDA and Happy Surfing!

Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Esterillos Oeste

HAH HAH , HAH HAH – you missed it you missed it ! Thanks MOM [ her name is Susan and shes the greatest Mom ever] you brought me some great waves on your day ! Esterillos Oeste at middle peak 3-5 ft faces and so clean and pretty , sure you had to work a little bit for your wave and paddle around a bit but it was so nice , no wind even at 10:30 when I left and only a couple of people out and no heavy sun just light overcast perfect surf conditions and its going to be better tomorrow ! Jaco I hear was fun early and a bit smaller but clean high tide rollers ! Want to surf let us know that’s what we do !!!! We still have 2 home sites left at 30K with just 5K down and 500$ a month for 5 years if you want to join us on this remarkable journey and invest in a future in Costa Rica ! Thanks and Happy Surfing Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Head High at Tumbas

Man what a great a.m. it was today , head high at TUMBAS and quite perfect , crowded yes and Alberto Munoz was the star today , he picked off every single best wave of every single set and destroyed them . Coming across the peak where everyone else was just trying to make the drop , yep he impressed me [can you tell] ! Anyways great tides and weather , not too crowded and surf will be small to fun everyday ! New Channel Islands just arrived . Semi-Pro , Cheesestik , Mach 9 , Black Flag , Remix , The Warp , you name it ! I think we got it pretty well covered ! Also all the accessories as well came in so you have to come by and see ! All for now , Happy Surfing ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !


It’s for sure the rainy season now , crowds are light and the waves are super good here right now, peaky overhead condition prevail, sunshine at moments but partly cloudy the most of the time. The only people in the water are people that live here and that’s okay for a little while, but sure are going to miss you travelers soon! Come on down, airfare is cheap, no terrorist plots or kidnappings here, don’t buy sell or do drugs or pickup on hooker[s] and you’re going to be so stoked to be here surfing your brains out! You want to surf anyways ; so come surfing! Pura Vida, Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF! !


Yeah buddy , Jaco out front 2 days in row , clean solid head high long rides with some thumpers coming thru ! I received the wipeout of the day award yesterday on a 9’3” MacTavish trying to complete a shortboard style late takeoff and just got hammered ! Boy was that fun ! Congrats to the Tico masters team with their 10th place finish overall , Nice job !How bout the Jaco boy Jairo !!!! Great job as well ! I am flogging off the rest of our PU Aloha AF1 PROs at 395$ until they are gone , The SLXs are on the way and I want to make room for them ! Just received a couple of HICs shaped by Kerry Tokoro and they are sweet ! If you want to see them, you have to ask we are stashing them, after all true Hawaiian built isn’t something to take lightly, ask ANDY !!! ! RIGHT ON ! Pura Vida and Happy Surfing , Chuck and the crew at WOW SURF !

Boys its got size!


Boys its got size ! Not much handle able around the beach breaks , a strange but doable Roca Loca and maybe the Island in the afternoon on the lowtide but bro we definitely have waves ! Looking forward to the dropping side of the swell so us working stiffs can get some waves too ! Ha-ha ! Nice job on all of my “compas” who are going to represent CR at the MASTERS in Panama ! Go guys go ! MARION ! Su Sueno bien realizado, me allegro un monton !

August 3rd Surf Report

Okay we are back to some solid head high and the occasional overhead set here in Jaco . Conditions are fair with a bit of closeouts but as the tide fills in it should get better , we had some gnarly rains last night but they are leaving now and the sun is out with side off shore winds and about 20 guys out now ! Come surfing ! Shop is doing really well , I guess the 25% OFF on the whole thing helps bring em in , even if they weren’t ready to get the new board how can you go wrong ! See whats in WOW SURF for you !!! New sandals better now than tomorrow or if your boardies are getting crusty maybe a change is due ! Thanks and Happy Surfing ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Clean Swell!

Super nice long consistent lines here in Jaco, not very big but lots of fun! This next coupe of days we should have some big swell coming from the south west and hopefully giving us even better surf then the last couple of days, the sandbars are now getting fixed due to rain so each day is a better day to surf!

Hope for the best!

Here we go , new swell showing not real big but new and crossed up today , I expect It to clean up by tomorrow and hopefully improve , bummer about the tide for us and the wind has been on it too early . We did have bit of rainfall yesterday and its looking cloudy again as well so maybe we get the afternoon glass that makes our area so good ? Here’s hoping and have fun ! Chuck and the Gang at WOW SURF !

Surf Report & Boards!

Surf is okay here , lots of wind on Sunday but still has size , you just have to pick and choose to get a good one . Someone told me E-bowl was on fire Friday . Anyways its looking big for the weekend coming up and yes we have plenty of competition excitement as well . The WQS for longboards is on at the Boca and with good swell its going to be exciting for sure . Come by and visit us , we have some end of season board sales going on . examples are Aloha AF1 Pro -500$ [great board for the waves we have coming], Channel Islands – T.KNOX 5’10” and 6’5” and a MBM-Quad any one for 600$ , Blue Minimals 7’2” .7’6” 7’10” only 425$ . All these plus a couple of other good deals and of course the great prices are cash only so just bring a couple of bucks and get a new rocket for surf season which is here ! Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at W.O.W.SURF !

Surf and News

Okay the surf is really fun in Jaco , 4-6 ft clean this a.m. and the afternoon Friday was super fun , Diego Naranjo out there just killing it after his elbow dislocation which had him out of the water for a couple of months but he didn’t forget how to surf for sure ! I expect all the high-tide waves are good right now and I have heard magic stories from Esterillos Oeste and you know how that works this time of year ! Magic at the Wave Garden ! Speaking of that I have a few nice properties for sale 1 kilometer from the point at Esterillos Oeste not ocean view but you can hear the waves from there and starting at less than 30K with private drive and utilities ready to hook up , all high and flat so no water or erosion problems and ready to build today . I luckily enough own these outright and am offering 30% down and NO interest financing for 3 years sold 1 and am ready to let 3 more go at this price [70$ a meter square].Also as usual have some great deals on boards in the shop and no one beats our rental selection at W.O.W.SURF ! Happy surfing , Chuck and the CREW !

February 21st Surf Report

Boy it could have been real fun today, chest to head and nice lines but a 7 a.m. south wind blew it to POO-POO! Better luck yesterday for sure and tomorrow I hope! Have fun and stay wet! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF!!!!

Surf Report & Contest

3-4 ft faces in a Jaco and slamming this a.m. with the low tide but afternoon should be a bit bigger and maybe a nice glass off today, pretty good turnout for the Juegos Communales and the surf contest today, I will try to get you the winners list later on. Pura Vida and Happy Surfing, Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF!

Choppy but fun!

Surf was super fun after the small wind swell we received early morning and had some nice clean 1 – 2 ft faces for over an hour! Super fun on my SLX Walden Longboard. We should be getting more swell in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!

Chuck and the crew at WOW Surf!