Okay here it is , First of all I’ve never been so proud to be TICO [ I earned my cedula not born with it ] ! WOW ,What a great job by our Seleccion in the world cup in Brazil ! Unbeaten in regular play and no one thought they could do it but with team spirit, perseverance and hard work look what this tiny sized giant hearted country just did ! Congratulations to all and PURA VIDA !
Surfs still pretty solid here with the ocasional overhaed set and POWER is the key word . Broken boards are a common site and Hermosa is the point of demise for many nice surfboards ! Weather is super nice , no rain yesterday and today maybe a light shower but could get into some glassy conditions again ! I’m going to do it again and just if you mention CR SURF ! AT least 20% off on all new surfboards [ even Hayden HYPTO KRYPTO ] but please bring cash and say you saw it on CR SURF or our WOW SURF webiste ! It’s a July event only and I’ll stop it when I want so dont miss out on it ! Pura Vida , Happy Surfing from the CREW at WOW SURF !