Bigger today for sure , looks like a wsw direction and Ill bet the Islands going to break at low tide this afternoon , Esterillos Oeste in the morning is the call as well ! Hermosa is going to be suck up hard hitting barrel if you want any of those and there are those that get just that ! Weather is beautiful , light clouds showing up the last couple of days and the cicadas are going crazy calling for rain ! Could we be getting close to some rains already ? Even the Cortez Trees haven’t flowered yet but the Cicadas are truly going crazy and that’s confusing this old school CR traveler for sure . One says too early and the other says just around the corner ! Lets see what happens , come by the shop for some first class treatment and a free surf map after all we are still here because of you ! Pura Vida , A Friend in Costa Rica ! Free hat to the first traveler who knows where that came from and sends me an email telling me the answer !

3/5 ft faces and a bit bumpy in the afternoon , ist a nice long swell , lines are looking Esterillos Oeste to me , let me know if you surfed there today ! Shop has been pretty decent as of late , I guess having some of the best surf boards in the country helps and you know for the real deal were not too pricey ! New pads by ProLite and DaKine are pretty bitchin too ! A bit of skate additions in the shop if you want to drop into the mini bowl at the Civic Center , we have pads ,helmets and parts along with some decent complete skateboards too ! We are not Arenas but that’s the point I think we are not Arenas were still just [hahaha] WOW SURF ! Thanks for your visit and hope you enjoyed Jungle Jam ! I did ! Pura Vida from the CREW and I !