Bueno its fun at 3-4 ft faces here a little fat at higher tide and the tides is going to get higher over the weekend so you are going to have to be ready to jump from spot to spot but you will get waves ! Weather is changing rains are leaving us I saw some cirrus clouds today at higher levels so the cold front is sitting up there and that means the moisture cant accumulate[ cumulus clouds] and rain will not fall ! Tope or annual horse parade [ gathering] is this Saturday so if your in the area don’t miss this its going to be the best ever for Jaco ! late afternoon and evening with live bands , great food and a dance after the parade ! Also balck Friday is a 25% off EVERYTHING in the store ! Even for just that 1 day HaydenShapes boards ! Don’t miss it ! Thanks and happy surfing Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

WOW what a great weekend for waves in Jaco ! Tuesday- Thursday 5-7 ft faces with a bomb or 2 and decent shape and conditions for the afternoon. Friday INSANE conditions, a tiny bit smaller but even better shape, crowd not too bad for the weekend and that last half hour before dark was soo good ! Sunday took the day off and went for a horseback ride with my better half and enjoyed a real nice sunset from a point on top of the mountain overlooking Jaco ! Hey don’t forget Jaco has its annual TOPE on November 28th and if you want to see some beautiful critters and dance some its going to be fantastic ! If you want to rent a horse let us know and we will put you in touch with someone ! PURA VIDA