WOW its still got plenty of size here ! Head-high solid with bigger sets and holding up and staying open ! Winds are light side shore from the south and Im going surfing ! No rain around right now or the last couple of days so its nice for surfers and regular people too ! Hahahah ! We at WOW SURF and Jesslyn at Kellys Surf Shop[ Tamarindo] are giving some great deals on surfboards of highest quality and modern designs , likes of Hayden, Aloha , Webbers and some other great brands and a few longboards from Stewart and Walden even . WOW SURF is also discounting some of our SUPs to make room for the 2015 stuff due to begin arriving . The deals are from 15% -35% off regular prices , dont miss it, it will only last a month more so either North or South you know where to go ! See ya soon , Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Hey Guys , super fun stuff especially after getting to run the guantlet for the last few days here > IT WAS BIG AND HEAVY ! Today was headhighish clean and midtide had some good ones out front and you could just have fun ! Tickets are cheap right now so you should be here ! Pura Vida Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

GO CARLOS GO ! Surf was great yesterday evening crossed up medium swell from the west or nw and really technical with a few headhigh solid sets coming thru , glassy afternoons are the norm the last few days and the tides are high due the moon so JACO is the spot ! All kinds of fun here ! Business is picking up and we have outr independence sale going on but you need to come by to see what kind of deals we have for you ! These are custom bro deals , no fooling anyone into thinking somehow we can give you 50% off the whole shop [impossible unless your closing or overcharging ] but some real honest deals for everyone and our best deals are for our tried and true clients ! Don’t miss it ! PURA VIDA , Chuck and the SAME OLD CREW at WOW SURF !