DELE SELE DELE CAMPEONES EN CAMINO ! Small clean waves here in Jaco , perfect for learning to surf ! Weather is fantastic hot and sunny with light afternoon showers but looks like VERANILLO is here for sure . SUPs are the watercraft of choice right now and we have a great selection of them for both recreation , race and SURF SUP ! Come on by and check out the selection of boards we have , we have arguably the best quality highest tech surfboards in Costa Rica and they are backed by some of the most prestigious manufacturers out there ! Thanks and HAPPY SURFING , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

How much fun do you want to have! 3-5 ft faces [ biggest waves are headhigh and great shape , Jaco likes the extreme tides and that we have with clean swell and a bit of rain to glass it off ! Crowds are light and its all about fun surfing ! Come have some ! Pura Vida, Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Well its finally backed down a bit , the beachbreaks are more friendly and it looks like it may be like that for a week or so , a bit of a bump early on and holding all week , its still headhigh and plenty of juice but its more friendly to the majority of the surfer community ! Last week was a great week here lots of WAY overhead days and great conditions !Crowds are light being in between vacation periods so it’s a great time to go surf here or anywhere in CR . Come on down and GO SURF ! Pura Vida from Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !