AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS – Ok smaller surf today but its been super fun here all week ! Man do we like the rainy season especially when it only rains a little bit but we have great surf along with it!

BEST PLACE TO SURF THIS WEEK IN YOUR AREA – Beachbreaks are where its at , too small for most of the points but I did see a special spot working yesterday with NOBODY out !

NEWS AND UPCOMING EVENTS-Nothing special , rainy season deal on boards as usual , fresh stock on the way and ZINKA has new organic # 30 sunscreen which will work for some of our more natural oriented surfers , no sting to eyes or environment ! Come on by and check us out ! Pura Vida and happy surfing ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Fun waves here right now , its going to be great for the contest , not too big but plenty of fun beachbreak waves ! Weather has definitely changed and the rains are here , its so GREEN ! We get those clean afternoons now again and the sun factor is down so you can do them longer sessions with less risk as well . Jaco is on fire with public works and we now have a our new CIVI CENTER open and operating with a new skatepark and public auditorium along with INA classrooms and our new Community Growth Association [ I am a hard working part of the group ] office will be open there starting June 1st . Goals are to help educate more of Jacos citizens of all ages in both community activities and free classes in things like lifesaving,recycling,English , basic accounting and business operation skills along with many others. We also will be in charge of activities like our Art Festival , Concerts and of course the Annual TOPE JACO or Horse Parade .We are part of the force driving the growth and prosperity that comes with the remodeling and design of the NEW JACO ! Take part and get involved if youd like but best of all come visit us bring your family and HAPPY SURFING ! Pura Vida from Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

A bit stormy today but man was it good yesterday and with the rains you never know what tomorrow will bring for the REEF event ! Surf is head highish and got some juice and theres plenty of people here in town too ! Got some great cash deals on boards right now and if you are a school or shop owner and want some NSPs we should get your order placed for JULY surf season NOW ! Contact us and get a nice discount on your prebook orders ! Tuanis , Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !