Finally WE GOT SURF ! Last few days ahev been a relief from the waist to chest high with some well overhead waves coming thru , Ive been surfing a favorite of mine and if you come by the shop Ill tell you where it is ! Its been head-high and better , A FRAME , lefts and rights and only a few people out , been riding my new NSP SUP DC 8’6” which is the new Dale Chapman model for SUP surf competition and Im leaving link so you can see the board as well . Weather continues HOT HOT HOT but maybe a bit of rain to fall in the next few days with the bochornoso conditions . Anyways go surfing , have fun and see you in the shop or in the water ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !Heres the link ,You gotta scroll down a bit but its worth it !

Some bombs coming thru south of Hermosa where its wide open to swell , Jaco has been a straight on type of wave for the last 2 days even with high tide, today is cloudy and windless so I am going to be watching high tide here for sure . Contest in Domi this weekend , lets see what happens for Joseph “Palito” Mendez our boys soon junior division team rider as he hunts his first Boys champion title , he’s hard at it , surfing well , great kid and hard studier with good grades and a great representative of Costa Rica , surfing and WOW SURF SHOP .Go Palito Go ! If you want to help sponsor Palito with a few bucks for his travel expenses for the world juniors it will be much appreciated and I will give anyone willing to help plenty of mentions on our website and facebook page, we do have a PayPal account so its even easy , every 20$ gets him that much farther . Lets help this clean living hard surfing young man go far both in life and surfing life too ! Thanks and Pura Vida ! The Crew at CHUCKS WOW SURF !