Well its mackin out there , lots of broken boards at Hermosa today but LOTS OF BALLS TO THE WALLS BARRELS too ! The heavy wave crew was on it , no tow ins just radical surfing , 10 ft faces on sets and almost as round as tall ! Jaco fun a bit smaller but still overhead and powerful , appears to hold its size thru tomorrow and then drop for the CNS finals but Saturdays rounds should be exciting as all get out , direction is good tides okay and theres plenty of power , look for the best of our CR surfers to put on a show tomorrow !Weathers been pretty decent afternoon rains but nothing too crazy and its beautiful out there right now , sunny and clear . We just received Summer O’Neil clothing and Lycra so you may want to stop by and see it and maybe get a new pair of boardies or a new BOARD even , some great deals mixed in the rack there and the fresh batch of Haydens also arrived this week . Thanks and happy surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS – (this would be for the majority of waves you saw when you last looked. conditions could be choppy or glassy, winds, weather, crowd factor, etc.)Funky bumpy peaky fun 3-5 ft with some bigger sets ! been some rain mixed in with some sun so its all nice here , GREEN is the word for sure, if your driving down the Costanera look around [pay attention to the road too] and see how beautiful Costa Rica is, go for a walk in the jungle and get a hit of OXYGEN from its source  ! Don’t miss it !!! We have a contest here at Hermosa in front of Rogers this weekend , in Memory of Fran Mora one of the first organizers of surf competition back in the 80s , Alvaro , Diego,Gustavo,Salsi,Lisbeth,and many others started their surfing careers thanks in part to this guy and its going to be lots of fun and someones going to win a new Aloha AF2 Turbo ! Anyways wherever you are have fun surf hard and make friends ! Pura Vida , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !