Fun surf today

Fun surf today – 3-5 ft faces in Jaco and Hermosa was inconsistent but there were a few good ones if you waited long enough ! WOW SURF is doing that crazy 25% off everything sale still , 2 more weeks to get that new stick you have wanted , imagine a new HaydenShapes Hypto Krytpo hypto for under 600$ !!! Crazy , dont miss it, after the 15th of June it may not be available at this price ever again ! Pura Vida, Chuck and The Crew from WOW SURF !!!

Summer surf crew arriving daily…

AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS – Nice Job Andrea, I have heard good things about the event! Surf here is big enough but strange bump mixed in with good swell. Weather is changing for sure and I see the summer surf crew arriving daily here in Jaco Hermosa Esterillos area.

BEST PLACE TO SURF THIS WEEK IN YOUR AREA – Tides are getting better for the afternoon beachbreak sessions and after we get past the huge moon we should get into some greats sessions, weekend is going to be JACO JACO JACO, Count on it, size will hold up some and Jaco has some of the longest rolling waves in the area when the tides are as they will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday !

NEWS AND UPCOMING EVENTS – Surf Shop and Surf School owners, we are planning a mini SURF –EXPO here in Jaco to show you all the new products and boards we will be distributing for late 2012-2013, at the same time we will be offering prebook specials on the new stuff as well . Also will have an inventory list on hand for those last minute fill up the rental or school rack before July lessons and rentals start happening. Send us an email at to help setup an appointment for PURE SURF EXPO.