FUN FUN FUN , That’s Jaco afternoons the last few days , waist to shoulder with the sneaky one here and there , glassy peaky , uncrowded and blah blah blah ! You should have been here !

Best Place To Surf: Right here at high tide in front of the shop , you can check it from the front door of the shop so ? I’m sure Hermosa’s good on the dropping in the AM too !

Upcoming events: Our big board sale ends TOMORROW , if you didn’t get 1 better send me a note and put some money down because boards are back to regular price on TUESDAY ! Thanks to ALL those people who did buy boards and help us get thru the slow days , expect business to be pretty good this season coming , ( here’s hoping and praying) !

Pura Vida , Happy Surfing- Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF where owning ,operating and working at a REAL SURF SHOP is a trade of PROFESSIONALS !

Bueno Barrilito was on fire yesterday

Bueno Barrilito was on fire yesterday p.m. overhead sets and barrels to be had along with some nice bowls , still crossed up and such but the peak was really good ! I even took one on the head that made it even more fun ! Jaco looked pretty good too a bit more dumpy but a couple of good ones out there.

Looks like more rain in the forecast for the coming days but the waters warm and the rain as well , surf should be very similar and you just have to check a few places and keep on eye on the wind .

Still running specials in the store if you need anything it’s a good time to buy right now . The new Cocomat NSPs are due in this week and you should see them, especially for the ECO minded surf school this is a great idea, reducing resin and fiberglass use by 30% and weight reduction by 15% and adding who knows how much thru the use of natural fibers from COCONUT HUSKS! Here’s a link to the technology which is only available here in Costa Rica thru PURE SURF DISTRIBUTION or your best local retailers – Coco-mat technology. You will be able to see the boards here and not even have to go to SURF EXPO in January. But if you also want to meet us there at the booth we will all be happy to show you the complete new Global Surf Industries line-up. PURA VIDA and Happy Surfing, Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF!


Man it was classic out front head-high powerful and clean with strong offshores [for jaco] peaks all over , probably had some of the best surf I’ve seen in Jaco for a while ! Hermosa was cleanish and fun in the morning as well .

Got them rainy season specials going right now and if you own a school or rental program I have some deals going right now on limited #s of NSPs and Surf Series so call us and get your order placed and SAVE some serious bucks before season is upon us ! Pura Vida and Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !