Man what a Week Of Waves !

Everything from huge gnarly beachbreak to some standout days at secret spots all over our area , Jaco was good this a.m. solid headhigh and peaky clean , hardly anyone out due to the Caldera highway is part closed due to landslides from the weeks heavy rains !Expect a really good week here with hightides a.m. and back or regular swell until later in the week. Off to Surf Expo , Global Surf Industries will have its first booth in years and if you are going to be in Orlando come by the booth , we will be unveiling 2 new world class shapers products and some great new technology in board production at the show and if you are a surfer/shop owner you need to see this ! Also we will have a man on hand to explain the importance of the 2 ISO certifications the 9002 for quality control and the 14001 for Environment management process, GSI has earned and how it will affect our Planet and our own ability to continue to thrive and ride ! Really don’t miss it its going to BLOW MINDS ! A surf company thinking truly about us as surfers and our world that we live in ! See ya in OVILLE ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Bueno – Sept 1 starts 20% off new boards*

Bueno it was ugly today in the morning but cleaned up late afternoon , yesterday was the day for everywhere for sure , Jaco was 4-6 ft faces and almost perfect ! Today was a bit smaller and funky but quite fun !

Special: September and October. 1st come – 1st gets Shops busy and we start our discount month in few days so if your boards looking a little beat-up its time ! Inventory clearance here for September and October , need to unload boards so 20% off all stock boards . Cash or credit card doesn’t matter ! This deal does not include Channel Islands but talk to me because we have some CI specials going too !

BEST PLACE TO SURF THIS WEEK Man check them points out this week if it gets bigger again ! The beachbreak will be improving as the tides swing back into late afternoon and mornings ! See ya there , Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !