Rains A Comin’

Still big enough for sure , some way overhead sets came thru Sunday afternoon , fair conditions a bit closed out but a good wave came thru as well . Looks like the rains are back the “chicharras” or Cicadas are going nuts this morning and that means rains are on the way , the old guys say we will get back in the full rains this week ,Surf is dropping a little and the tides are improving so it should stay fun all week!

Great Surf Report

Okay its another great wave report , beautiful 4-6 ft faces everywhere ! Clean low wind conditions and no rain to speak of , you should be here right now !!!!!Oh the old “canuk” guy Patrick got the barrel of the day at Barrilito yesterday and left the whole beach speechless , his sons were out there rippin’ with him too !They have the peak wired for sure!