Luz de Vida announced their annual contest will be from July 15th to 17th in Santa Teresa.
That weekend will also be our 600th surf report (CR Surf Report) since we started in August 1998. (Thanks Chuck and Louis, who have been there from the start!)

One of biggest sales from wow. See why they say; “WOW, go to Chuck’s for, wow, what a sale.”

Your welcome and that’s kind of cool its Louis and I, (Louis, you and I need to get together and do the GURU thing someday soon! It’s been way too long!)

Anyways waves have been too big for our local beach breaks but today had Jaco really good in the afternoon , I imagine that Oeste was really good as well , its like head-high on sets a bit straight on but plenty of shoulders out there if you paddled hard and found the right position on sets !

Back to the slow month of May, business wise, but that means we have to do some really nice deals because its local boys and residents doing the shopping. So guess what its LETS MAKE A DEAL time at WOW SURF . Any new regular priced board and get a leash and board bag for FREE. How’s that for a nice local bro deal !!!! PURA VIDA and Happy Surfing!

Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

Esterillos Oeste

HAH HAH , HAH HAH – you missed it you missed it ! Thanks MOM [ her name is Susan and shes the greatest Mom ever] you brought me some great waves on your day ! Esterillos Oeste at middle peak 3-5 ft faces and so clean and pretty , sure you had to work a little bit for your wave and paddle around a bit but it was so nice , no wind even at 10:30 when I left and only a couple of people out and no heavy sun just light overcast perfect surf conditions and its going to be better tomorrow ! Jaco I hear was fun early and a bit smaller but clean high tide rollers ! Want to surf let us know that’s what we do !!!! We still have 2 home sites left at 30K with just 5K down and 500$ a month for 5 years if you want to join us on this remarkable journey and invest in a future in Costa Rica ! Thanks and Happy Surfing Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !