Yeah buddy , Jaco out front 2 days in row , clean solid head high long rides with some thumpers coming thru ! I received the wipeout of the day award yesterday on a 9’3” MacTavish trying to complete a shortboard style late takeoff and just got hammered ! Boy was that fun ! Congrats to the Tico masters team with their 10th place finish overall , Nice job !How bout the Jaco boy Jairo !!!! Great job as well ! I am flogging off the rest of our PU Aloha AF1 PROs at 395$ until they are gone , The SLXs are on the way and I want to make room for them ! Just received a couple of HICs shaped by Kerry Tokoro and they are sweet ! If you want to see them, you have to ask we are stashing them, after all true Hawaiian built isn’t something to take lightly, ask ANDY !!! ! RIGHT ON ! Pura Vida and Happy Surfing , Chuck and the crew at WOW SURF !