Boys its got size!


Boys its got size ! Not much handle able around the beach breaks , a strange but doable Roca Loca and maybe the Island in the afternoon on the lowtide but bro we definitely have waves ! Looking forward to the dropping side of the swell so us working stiffs can get some waves too ! Ha-ha ! Nice job on all of my “compas” who are going to represent CR at the MASTERS in Panama ! Go guys go ! MARION ! Su Sueno bien realizado, me allegro un monton !

August 3rd Surf Report

Okay we are back to some solid head high and the occasional overhead set here in Jaco . Conditions are fair with a bit of closeouts but as the tide fills in it should get better , we had some gnarly rains last night but they are leaving now and the sun is out with side off shore winds and about 20 guys out now ! Come surfing ! Shop is doing really well , I guess the 25% OFF on the whole thing helps bring em in , even if they weren’t ready to get the new board how can you go wrong ! See whats in WOW SURF for you !!! New sandals better now than tomorrow or if your boardies are getting crusty maybe a change is due ! Thanks and Happy Surfing ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !