Hope for the best!

Here we go , new swell showing not real big but new and crossed up today , I expect It to clean up by tomorrow and hopefully improve , bummer about the tide for us and the wind has been on it too early . We did have bit of rainfall yesterday and its looking cloudy again as well so maybe we get the afternoon glass that makes our area so good ? Here’s hoping and have fun ! Chuck and the Gang at WOW SURF !

Surf Report & Boards!

Surf is okay here , lots of wind on Sunday but still has size , you just have to pick and choose to get a good one . Someone told me E-bowl was on fire Friday . Anyways its looking big for the weekend coming up and yes we have plenty of competition excitement as well . The WQS for longboards is on at the Boca and with good swell its going to be exciting for sure . Come by and visit us , we have some end of season board sales going on . examples are Aloha AF1 Pro -500$ [great board for the waves we have coming], Channel Islands – T.KNOX 5’10” and 6’5” and a MBM-Quad any one for 600$ , Blue Minimals 7’2” .7’6” 7’10” only 425$ . All these plus a couple of other good deals and of course the great prices are cash only so just bring a couple of bucks and get a new rocket for surf season which is here ! Happy Surfing , Chuck and the CREW at W.O.W.SURF !