NSP Surfboards Launches a New Era of Shapes and Sustainable Boards!
First introduced back in 2001, NSP was an overnight success and has help revolutionize the epoxy surfboard industry. A solid 17 years later, NSP is still a formidable name in recreational surfing, well founded in its original roots of superior performance, durability and competitive prices.
2018 signals the start of a new era. Working closely with key partners and a couple of Australia’s most respected designers and shapers, NSP’s surfboard shapes have been completely overhauled.  

NSP’s most popular range continues to be the Elements HDT (High Definition Technology) collection. Built using new high definition manufacturing technologies, there are 20 different boards to choose from, with new graphics and fin box configurations.

NSP Elements HDT boards are built using secure Cell EPS, bio resins and feature the Sustainable Surf Project logo. The Elements HDT Funboards, Fish and Hybrids feature 5 fin boxes, allowing riders to tune their board to suit the conditions and their style.  

The longboards offer versatile performance, will catch more waves and are great for swooping bottom turns, high trim lines and knee drop cut backs.

The funboards feature concave bottoms, semi rounded noses and a low entry rocker delivering a perfect package for the weekend warrior. Our Modern fish designs deliver traction, down the line speed and maximum drive that unleashes potential from every wave and keeps even the most advanced surfers coming back for more. Our Hybrid design is our quiver killer, ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers seeking one of the most versatile and user friendly short boards on the market.

NSP continues to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo, since 2001. NSP is the New Surf Project, get ready or 2018!