Right out front was that 2’4 ft faces and super fats but really clean too ! I took out a Tom Carrol SUP I just got and had a blast ! I hear that the swell is going to pickup and abit more south which should give us a bit more of a shoulder to work with . I will probably start thinking about Oeste here in the next couple of days as the tide moves into midday and with a bit of push it could be fun , shortboard riders will want to check Tulin and Centro thru Bejuco area I figure . Not much special happening here , life and business as usual , Jaco has the art festival this weekend and should be pretty packed with people and good music and theres is a big parade Saturday evening with some 15 marching bands form all over CR invited to march thru town and add some action and fun to our nice town ! In other news I was invited to a meeting with the judicial department of CR as member of our growth and development community group and thye gave us some pretty nice news . Jaco or the county of Garabito is one of the very few counties in CR with a dropping crime statistic and an improving arrest and conviction rating . It took awhile{5 + years} and hard work and lots of police presence but along with community involvement we are actually becoming an even better place to live and visit . More infrastructure , better services and a safer community , hows that for success ! Anyways see ya soon right here in Jaco ! Pura Vida y saludos or greetings from Chuck and the crew here at WOW SURF !